Insect burgers are predicted to be a sustainable food in the future

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At the International Green Week in Berlin, Germany about 400,000 visitors will get to experience the newest trends in food innovation and agriculture from more than 1,600 exhibitors from 66+ countries.

There is beer, bread, apples and anything in between–and bug burgers.

Would you eat a burger made of insects?

That’s what they are doing in the Netherlands and it’s soon to be a thing in Germany.

The insect burgers are made of mealworms, which are the larvae form of beetles.

“It is made out of mealworms and it tastes really nice. And the texture is quite similar to meat,” said Max Kultscher, PR manager for a German start-up called Bugfoundation.

Kultscher said the taste is not entirely different to regular meat, but the mealworm burgers come with an advantage.

And some expect the burgers to be common one day.

“Insects are more sustainable than normal meat. Less water is needed. Less fodder is needed and it produces less greenhouse gasses,” Kultscher said.

The burgers are just one innovation in helping create a more sustainable food source.


The show comes at a time of change for the food industry, with consumers demanding more variety, more sustainability and more locally sourced produce, according to Beatrice Guillaume-Grabisch, Chairperson of Nestle Germany.

“The supermarket of the future is definitely going to look different compared to what it looked like 30 years ago or compared to what it looks like today,” Guillaume-Grabisch said.

The International Green Week opened on January 19 and runs through to January 28.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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